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Default Re: MySpace: Why are people so naive?

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
This is an opinionated mini-rant on MySpace and how people(mainly kids/teens) can be so stupid with it. You may hate me for this, but there you go.

One thing that really grinds my gears are these My Space-related sexual assualt cases on girls and how people are blaming MySpace for their issues. I am not saying the rapes are the girls' fault, the crime is sickening and it cannot be justified in anyway, but It really sickens me how they(the victims) don't have the common sense to realize: "Okay, this is a guy I never met in person, I should be careful". I just can't believe how naive people can be. It's so easy to make a doctored photo and fake your age.

Once again, I am not justifying the rape/crime in anyway. The person who commits it is sick and should be punished severely, but you have to admit that in a way the victim brought it on themselves for being so foolish.

A family in Texas sued MySpace because one of the girls in the family got stupid and decided to meet a guy SHE NEVER MET PERSONALLY BEFORE and misrepresented her age (Said she was 18 instead of 13). What happened? She got sexually assaulted. What was the ruling? The case was dismissed and the family got squat. I feel sorry for the girl, but she (or her family for that matter) couldn't be that dumb enough to not play it safe.
Source: Wikipedia.

One final time, I AM NOT JUSTIFYING RAPE CRIMES. They are terrible, sick acts. I'm just asking why people are so foolish with it. MySpace upped the safety measures, but they can only do so much. They're not going to stop the kids from going out and personally meeting people they don't know. That's up to the kids having the common sense and parents taking precautions.
I absolutely agree with you.

People have sent around chain mails that say stuff that's stupid to do on myspace. One of which reguards kids being "under the age" which you are allowed on. The age to be on Myspace was 16, but now has been lowered to 14. It says "adults, don't blame your kid is a ***** because of myspace" or something like that.

Yes Myspace might have been how some people work, but NO ONE can keep blaming them for EVERY LITTLE THING! I think that Rape Crimes are wrong, but we can all prevent them by doing two things, USING COMMON SENSE, and BEING CAREFUL!

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