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Default Re: planning a summer trip to pittsburgh!

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
he was the youngest of 5, and i was the oldest of 3. he was like the older brother i never had and i know i was like the younger brother he never had.

he was always the "black sheep" and troublemaker. we always had a bond

my 1st trip to pittsburgh that i can remember was for his high school graduation when i was 3 years old. although i only spent 3 summers up there with him around, the last 2 i was an adult. we partied and hung out and it was like we grew up together, yet it was like we were both kids. he told me i was more like a brother than my dad and other uncles.

its not really known if he died from suicide or accidental overdose, but in my heart i feel it was accidental. i didnt get to go to his funeral, and although ive only been to 2 in my life, i know this one will be the toughest. although i wish i didnt have to do it, i know its the 1st thing im gonna want to do.

i dont know if its wierd to want my daughter to witness my pain. although she knows of death, i think this will help her understand it and show her how valuable life is. other than that its a beautiful cemetary and a 10 minute walk from 'home'. i always walked through there even though i had no one else to visit. this time i will also have my great grandmother 'bubka' to see.

on a lighter note i just spoke to my uncle picking us up at the airport. since it will be around dinner time, 5 minutes after driving through the fort pitt tunnel we will be at Primantis!
Sounds like you guys were real close - some people just hit it off right away even in a limited amount of time together.

I hope you get the closure you are looking for regarding his untimely death.

I also don't think its a bad thing to let your daughter to see you upset - some people shield their kids from natural emotions too much.

Have a great time , man.
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