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Default Re: MySpace: Why are people so naive?

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
Maybe this will shed some light on why the site is so popular... For anyone who actually uses it to keep up with friends and not just have one because everyone else does it is a really good tool and far superior to email. While email is sufficient for keeping in contact with people, myspace makes it really easy not to just keep in contact with them but share everything with them. You can represent yourself through pictures, blogs, put videos you like on and share everything you love with your friends. An example of a great reason that taking it to the next level is extremely beneficial is if you live in Pittsburgh and have a friend who moves to California you can still do activities with them as opposed to just writing them. They can see things you have done through pictures like taking trips, or going to sports events or w/e. While you can do all of these things through email it is much more convenient to put it on a singular page where all of your contacts can reach it and it can be saved. Private messaging maintains the privacy of emails and comments provide an instant message element to the experience. I am a journalism student and use my blog page to post and display my work and get feedback on it. There are a lot of sport trash talking myspaces made just for talking sports and bashing other fans - much like this board... So you see, myspace has many uses that other sites have, just rolled into one place. That was the big deal when it first started to gain popularity and why it?s been able to stay alive and not die out.
My question here is - why would any sane person WANT to share "everything" with strangers they meet in cyberspace? You don't know who is really behind that computer screen and in this day and age, I would think it isn't very wise to be putting yourself out there like that.

I don't have a MySpace account and don't want one. I have enough "real life" friends and acquaintances that I don't need an online tree house.

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