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Default Re: planning a summer trip to pittsburgh!

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i would love that and try to work it in. personally id like to get back to "Churchworks" in lawrenceville. "Gators" (i think its in lawrenceville) is cool too. of course i like the strip, although last time there i witnessed a double drive by murder about 20 feet away (banana joes), and was diving in a doorway, dodging bullets. i guess shit happens at closing time. i know what j. porter feels like minus the lead in my ass.

i just called my dad and had him order me tickets to the BB game. anyone got any insight on outfield 139D 11,12,13?
I used to live 2 doors down from the Church Brew Works, which is in Lawrenceville, and just down the road from Gators, which is in Bloomfield. I never went to either place, but I've heard both are nice places to go. The Strip is nice, and they have done a lot of redevelopment on the eastern end of the area (I was just over there yesterday, in fact) for the crime, I haven't heard about any major incidents over there in the past couple of years, so maybe they've cleaned it up a bit. As for the Pirates tickets, section 139 is the first section in center field and they're pretty good seats - not far above field level. Hopefully by then they won't be 20 games under .500 and not worth watching LOL...
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