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Default Re: Pirates Select Pitcher in First Round

Originally Posted by Crushzilla View Post
People not coming anymore = No more Buccos...

That is a BAD thing. I don't understand how boycotting the team is productive.
I respectfully disagree Crushzilla...

This is a proven baseball market. MLB knows that if there is a minor league product on the field people still show up to watch piss poor basball. If people stopped showing up do you think Selig would choose moving the team (losing money) or sitting down with Nutting and McClatchy and having a nice long talk about what in the hell they are doing every year?

Also, if McClatchy and Nutting start seeing that cash flow diminish (that's all they care about) they will sell to a smart businessman who see's a city with one hell of a baseball field already in place and the potential of selling out every night. Pittsburgh and baseball is a huge money maker for MLB and for potential buyers.

They have had Pittsburgh buyers knocking on their door (Cuban being one of them) for a couple of years now. McClatchy stated he did not want to sell. Can you blame him? I wouldn't sell either if I could sell a cheap and horrible product to people who keep coming back for more. Why would I sell? I would just send out pathetically deceiving and cheesy marketing campaigns (WE WILL), give out bobbleheads and other cheap products and tell them they will see fireworks every so often. That seems to work in this city.

Three reasons why I don't attend:

1) Waste of money. The ball park was nice and pretty the first season. Yeah, eventually I want to watch an actual MLB team. I have a problem with giving my money to an ownership group who has proven to me over the years that they don't give a damn about me or Pittsburgh fans in general.

2) Already pay for Steeler and Penguin season tickets.

3) I would at least like to get kissed by McClatchy and Nutting before I get......nevermind.

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