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Default Re: MySpace: Why are people so naive?

My oldest who just turned 21 uses her phone for everything. She texts on avg over 1500 a month. When ever I let her drive the truck with me in it, she is not allowed to touch her phone. I told her one of this days she is going to be texting while driving and me and mom will be going down to identify the body. My daughter had her so called friend on the family plan with us and one month she texted over 2400 msgs. The following month she texted over 4600, it was unreal, her so called friend did not pay her bill so the daughter shut her off after she got some of the money.

I have seen kids as young as 8 with cell phones. But like anything, parents need to monitor them.

I like the law in Germany were a person who wants to use his cell phone has to pull over, turn off the car take the keys out of the ignition then use it. If they get caught using there phone while driving they get a major fine. That is something we need here in the states.
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