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Default Re: Newsweek - What Pittsburgh Can Teach the Country

excellent read. it looke there for a while, before the internet stock crash of 2000-2001, that alot of these dot com companies and their employees were really looking to take over pittsburgh. it was quickly becoming hip and modernized and when the bottom fell out i guess it really hurt what looked to be a growth spurt. i hadnt realized that growth had been on the decline.

i was just reading about the surgery exhibit they got on display at the museum that showcases alot of the carnegie medical robotics currently being used around the world. i look forward to seeing it cause its interactive and you can play with the "toys".

i actually applied (and got accepted) to both carnegie mellon and pitt, because of their great medical schools back in '92, but as an out of stater i couldnt afford it. i woulda been one who stayed. i see no reason why the bio-tech industry cant thrive there even more than it has already.
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