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Default Pray for Jamey Ragel

Ok everyone.. this is something that I have been trying to deal with for about a month now. I am a big fan of Karen Peck & New River.. they are a very nice Gospel singing group. Now, back about a month ago we went and seen the group in Franklin, NC at church that I will not mention the name of. There was a man to do some speaking named Jamey Ragel. Supposed to be a funny man pastor mix. The man gets up on stage behind the pullpit of Gods house and starts by saying that he and his tour bus got lost and had to stop at this little country hick house and ask for directions. He said that the people sitting on the porch at this house all reminded him of the guy off the movie Slingblade.. which I automatically assume he was talking about Carl, the crazy one. This man went on to make fun of country folks and fat people and then moved on to gays/lesbians , which I dont agree with, but to have a true man of God up there speaking about this and making fun of these people in my opinion was Not Right. Now, the worst part. We were sitting there, me and my family of wife and 2 children and mother n law.. when our almost 3 year old was kind of making a little bit of noise, and this guy just up and stopped and came down off the pull pit and told us that we were either gonna have to shut our kid up or remove him from the church. Now, this is a big church and there was probably a full house. Now, I am a christian and I did the christian thing by just getttin' up and leaving without causing a scene. A man I guess from the Ragels group had come up to me just as we was starting to get up and leave and said " the church has a nursery if you wish to take your child back there.." I said pretty well so everyone or alot of people could hear me... " No... we are leaving now"... This man is Not A Man of God in my opinion and there was several families got up and left when the man did this, they talked to us outside about and they couldnt believe it either. I am just having a hard time forgiving this man.. I would like everyones prayers for this man and please remember me as well that I can find it in my heart to do the christian thing and forgive the man...Thank You All
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