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Default Re: Pittsburgh: A Modest, Quiet City?

Originally Posted by Mistah_Q View Post
It's all in the type of job. The population loss is grinding to a halt -- yes it's still going, but it's ever so slow, and expected to soon be actually growing again. I've only been to the Burgh a handful of times (if you call 15 or 20 a handful) but from everything I've read, they're starting to have worker shortages -- but they're not the type of blue collar labor jobs that have historically represented the Burgh. Financial, corporate, white collar -- those kind of jobs abound. The work shortages are expected to continue to grow unless the city starts importing some people qualified for the jobs.
Bingo. Like I said, it's a great laid back city for the most part. In a way that's great, in other ways it hurts this city. Eitherway, your seeing kids graduate, leave this city, get jobs elsewhere and then move back here once they are in their older years, that's even if they bother moving back here at all.

This city still has some work to do, moving out of the 70's and 80's would be a good start. Some in this city just don't want to let go.
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