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Default Re: Movies during the off season

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
well that sucks. im a huge clint fan myself. i just watched million dollar baby" again about a month ago for its network debut. great movie, but then again, like "shawshank redemption" i may be a little biassed towards any movie morgan freeman nararrates.

i take it youre more of a DC fan than marvel? "snatch" is one of my favorites (only challenged by the recent "kill bill' series) and i find the "pikey?" spoken much more easilly understandable than what brits consider "english".

i was a fan to the transformers toys, comics, movie, and tv show as a kid. its a movie i will own. some of it was filmed in my neck of the woods (holloman afb). i was gonna try out to be an extra for the filming but they were looking for someone more of asian descent, and im just a white guy. but when you see a bunch of desert and treeless mountains, thats my back yard.

maidenarcher- i cant wait to see "knocked up". "40 year old virgin" is one of my favorite recent comedies. the sequel to "bruce almighty" is another i wont miss.

Love the "40 Year Old Virgin"....LOL.....

You know these days they are filming tons of movies in my back yard (so to speak). I live in the Shreveport area and that is like Little Hollywood right now. Several of my friends are extras in almost every movie. Paid extras too.....I have met several celebrities. Some being nice and others being strung out on cocaine.....It is interesting around here these days.........Lots of people come to town just to get a glimpse...Yee-Hah....LOL....They are just people...It's not that big of a deal, I guess.
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