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Default Re: God is punishing me.

Originally Posted by HeyNav View Post
What famous govenor once said?

"Religion is only a crutch for the weak minded".

HINT: Also said "If reincarnated would like to come back as a D-cup sized bra"
That would be Jesse Ventura...but keep in mind that a person who would say..."If you were to come to Minnesota, I could have you locked up like that. That's power"....may not be humble enough to entertain the concept of a God that has "power" over him.
I think we can safely say that Jesse Ventura isnt exactly the measuring stick anyone would want to compare themselves by in this type of debate......He is an idiot who only got 36% of the votes.....Ventura would NEVER have become governor had the two main runners not been weak..... The media found him so entertaining...... that they kidded with him through the whole campaign. He never got a tough question or gave a tough answer. .... He went for the Reform Party because they had money and he needed it. He was a sideshow that entertained the nation for awhile...nothing more.
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