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Default Re: God is punishing me.

Originally Posted by VASTEELER View Post
coinsedence(sp) im not trying to belittle your faith just so happens the day of the post my aunt was killed by a drunk driver who was 18 years old and his second offence her husband is a preacher so i hope you can see why my faith was shaken i only hope his wasnt
I can completely understand why your faith was shakened. At times, I do question my own. But it's in the times of earthly discomfort that our faith becomes stronger. My wife's brother-in-law passed away unexpectedly about a month ago, from an enlarged heart. Something that couldn't have been noticed on an X-ray and doctors would have done an MRI to find it, if he was having problems but he wasn't. His wife and daughters since have questioned, "WHY?" And that's ok - God doesn't care about the question (not saying he doesn't care about the subject matter) as much as he cares about the relationship.

People can say many things about one's death, especially one that was a Christian. She's in a better place, etc. However, that doesn't ease the suffering of those here on earth. Just curious to know if you've talked to your uncle since her death? Is he questioning his faith? Have you asked him how he's dealing with it? You may find renewed strength in your uncle's faith.

I don't feel you are belittling my faith. I've gone through the fire of refinement more than once and I can only thank God that it hasn't been something that you've experienced. Don't know if it will make you feel different but I'll pray for Peace and Comfort for you and your family.

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