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Default Re: People can say what they want about Ben...

Those who say that are either stupid, or dont watch the games and just look at stats, which 90% of them do and the others are just plain morons. Someone said a few days ago that with this team minus ben, insert Maddox, we would be nothing but 6-10. I thought that was a 100% correct until today. We would be 3-13 with Maddox. Thats how bad he is. Not so much as how he played but how much he has lost his leadership, confidence, I MEAN ALL OF IT. Our special teams saved us in this game. I have never seen our special teams play so well, and they did it when we needed it most. Its so sad we wasted it.

Cowher is well deserving of the heat right now. Not for not pulling Maddox out because Batch hasnt played in 4 years. But on that last drive, he had a fresh 255 pound hall of famer that the week prior was clutch in 4 3rd and 1s. Instead, he runs another player who has ran out of confidence in Parker to the side and then in the middle, loses yards in the process and then Maddox with one of the greatest choke jobs, this side of the fumble in 78 with the giants vs Eagles, pisses away a for sure field goal in OT. I say for sure because I think Jeff would have made up for the one he missed...

But, through all this, I think we all, even the ones who love Ben and always thought he was our heart, can say now that he is the man that makes everything click, and Hines Ward is our Soul. So we had our heart and soul out and we still were gonna win the game until our heartless and souless reserves choked it up at the last min....
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