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Default Carson Palmer a little above average?

Hi I am a new user from Cincinnati interested in interacting with rivals from the AFC North. I am responding to the remark made by the fellow in this thread

I find that remark about Carson Palmer about as ridiculous as you can get. Now I could go on about the 30 or something odd other ludacris (sp) remarks I have read from you in only 7-10 minutes of browsing your forums, but this one jumped out at me. Since you're so good at statistics, let's take a look here shall we?

Carson Palmer is 7-2 in his last 9 games played. (Missing the last 3 games of the 2004 season with an injury). He has now tied an NFL record with 8 games of 100+ passer rating in each game. Hardly an average quarterback. The only 2 losses in his last 8 games? At Superbowl champion New England by 7 points last year, and this year's Jacksonville game by 3 points.

Big Ben (awesome quarterback), right now as of 8:30 on Sunday night leads the NFL in passer rating with a rating of 123.8. Second is Carson at 111.4. Looking deeper at the statistics, is it true Ben has thrown 0 interceptions this year, but he has also attempted about half as many passes as any other quarterback in the league. Carson is first in the AFC in touchdown passes with 11. Combine that with only 2 interceptions (none in the last 14 quarters), and I hardly see a 'slightly above average quarterback'. Also consider that Carson was in the top 10 for quarterbacks in the preseason fantasy projections, while Big Ben was down in the 20's. Today Carson was 27 for 33 with 2 TDs and 0 INTs in Tennessee against a decent Tennessee defense ranked 9th in the AFC in yards allowed.

Unless you think that your own quarterback is just slightly above average, then it's absolutely ridiculous to think anything near that of Palmer. Maybe your standards of quality for an NFL quarterback are different than mine, and if so, you are correct in your own assessment. The way I look at it is, we both have QBs that will become probably the most elite quarterbacks in the league (save for Manning), for a very long time to come, as well as an enjoyable rivalry for the division crown year after year. I rooted for Pittsburgh in the playoffs last year since Cincinnati didn't make it. Most people on this board seem to enjoy saying that the Bengals have not played anyone yet and their record means nothing. They have no control over whom they play, and playing in Chicago is no guarantee, and we lost to Jacksonville by 3 points in Jacksonville...and you guys couldn't beat them at home (without 2 starters, but alas we were without TJ, our starting safety, and lost the starting and backup center during the game). Today we beat a decent Tennessee team on their home field, and look forward to the showdown next week in Cincinnati. I would expect that we may win next week, and you guys will beat us when we visit Pittsburgh later in the year, as is usually what happens when two good teams play twice in one year. Yes the Bengals don't have near the history that the Steelers do, but we're excited with what we have now, and we've been waiting a long time to have a team that kicks ass, so we're excited. If you thought so little of the Bengals, why are there so many Bengals threads on the smackdown board? I dont see many if any at all Browns or Ravens threads. It's a good rivalry, and you may ask why don't I just stay put on my own teams boards? Well it's no fun AGREEING with everyone the entire time....

<bengals_fan1> Bengals win we rule!
<bengals_fan2> yeah man we rule!

I find that boring, lol. Now I know I'm in an ocean full of sharks posting at a site like this, but I enjoy the challenge, it's the NFL right? Cheers all

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