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Default Re: NFL Super Bowl Champion: Third Year Theory

Good article..and I believe that that Neal does a very good job of backing the three year theory...however I think that by probing just a little deeper...some teams would move from one category to another....

Being a Homer...Lets start with the Bengals...(of course!) With the loss of Eric Steinbach at left guard and the retirement of their ceteran center they have bigger questions with their front five than the Steelers...simply because out of their projected starting O-line, only one player started all 16 games last year. Of course with typical head-scratching, arbitrary precision...Marvin Lewis explains this all away by saying "I don't know that we lose anything (except) experience,"...

Also take into consideration that outside of two very talented WR's in Chad & TJ....without the suspended Chris Henry the remainder of their WR corps had a grand total of catch. I am sure that the bengals fan base are thrilled that the FO neglected the Tight End position...again

Odell Thurman is one jaywalking ticket away from making Jeanty a starting LB..

....and the secondary is up for grabs with two very talented young players in Hall and Joseph...but young they are...and I am sure that Ward is already thinking that both had better bring apples for the teacher. In reality Hall will get some time to develope..which means O'Neal (who spent the season in Lewis's doghouse last year) will start the season.
At safety the overrated Dexter Jackson will be the starting beside Madieu Williams who is going to WOW anyone with his steady but unspectacular skills.

QB and RB are strongpoints....but in my assessment...without a great TE or a legit 3rd reciever...we should be able to cover easily and have the men left over to stop the run...
simply put..2nd tier team.

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