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Question Time for change at RB

I'm all for Willie getting alot of touches..he's a playmaker and the guy puts his heart and soul into every run. He can score at any given time... If Duce was healthy I'd say we outta highly consider putting him in as the starter and using willie to spell him and also give him all his usual plays as well.

Im not giving up on Willie..but like it or not, we are still a power running team..when Jerome is in there, he moves the pile, he's sure handed, he's reliable to always gain atleast a yard even when hit at the line of scrimmage. I know willie is a playmaker and again Im not saying he shouldnt continue to be a big part of the offense..but the last few weeks, we just havent had the running game that we need on a consistent basis. Flashes here and there..a big run now and then doesnt cut it..we need to consistently move the chains, get yards in a methodical fashion and let Ben do his thing..that way there is no pressure on anyone person to feel like they have to win it. We play as a team very well, but if we dont get more continuity out of the running game its gonna come back to bite us later on...

So Im saying..since Duce probably wont be 100% maybe all year... Willie is the starter, still gets his swing passes, draws, laterals, etc to spring big plays, but use the Bus ALOT more; I mean ALOT more..especially in the second half.

When Quincy had that huge return, it should have been Jerome on first down, Jerome on second down, kick the FG on 3rd down and we win the game.

Just my .02 on it....
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