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Default Re: NFL Super Bowl Champion: Third Year Theory

Originally Posted by ncoolong View Post
As usual, it's fantastic to receive feedback. I decided to post it all here as opposed to SteelersLive, mainly because it's so FREAKIN' long, so I apologize to those who actually read the whole thing.

Some may not have...

i read the article and i enjoyed it neal, just like all of your articles (yes i actually read all the articles on the homepage- i dont think mike and y'all put them up there for decoration).

whether one agrees with it or not the premise of the article definitely isnt foreign. it has shown true with the steelers, colts and it is natural to look at the chargers as this years favorite. its about as natural as the assumption that the nfc loser in the sb is gonna struggle to make it back to the playoffs. of course no patriot fans want to hear this, because their team has bought the right to be considered the year long favorites and have their team atop every power ranking from now until january. no colt fans want to hear this because as the defending champs they feel they should be favorites. no ravenfans want to hear this because no matter how bad they suck or how overhyped they are, they feel with ray lewis on their team they should ALWAYS be considered favorites.

while the premise has been thrown around, what you did was try and apply it to all the teams to see which "year" they might fall in, which was a daring approach that took some thought. i read all sorts of people dog sportswriters because theyre not a particular homer for their team, or because they happen to write for a rag they dont like. i dare anyone who is so overly critical who comes off like they can do so much better, to send a pm to mike and take him up on his offer to write some articles for the site.

again, keep it up neal. it was a good offseason article and i like the way you defended your writing.
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