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Default Re: Time for change at RB

I don't think that Willie's a bad back, or even that he's not the back for us, He's just not the kind of back you can run of the middle for the first 2 downs and then pass. We need to have a power back, and have Willie there to sling out for screens and sweeps cause he can break it outside, but we havent really been giving him those kinds of passes. Now during preseason, Noah looked like he could run it up the middle, if he progresses well and we hold on to him he might just be the future of the Power Running game, but I dunno, I wouldn't blame Willie, I'd blame the plays we're giving him.

Also, we've yet to see a 2 RB formation. why??? that'd completely throw everyone off, cause you've got to plan for a run up the middle, to the side, short pass, and long pass. It'd be man coverage all the way.
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