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Default Re: Week 6 - Steelers vs Jags Gametalk thread

Was wind a factor?

You hate to sit here and say ?a lot,? but a lot. If you ask Byron or the kickers, it was such an inconsistent wind at different levels. If you threw it up into the air it did one thing or if you threw it down on the ground it would do another thing. I?ve played here a long time and with the Giants at the Meadowlands, but it was the worst day of throwing into something that I?ve ever had.
The above is a quote from, Maddox quote after the game. What a joke. A short story for you that didn't know Ben before last year. Two or three years ago (not sure getting old) Big Ben was a college qb playing at Marshall during a awesome rain storm with high winds. He threw laser passes that night. Maddox gets a light breeze and tries to blame that for his performance.
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