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Default Re: Time for change at RB

lets just bring back a. zeoroue and maddox chucking the ball for 4000 yds and a 6-10 season. the 1st 2 games parker was the cats meow. now he aint shit. remember our power running game in 2001 afc champ game/ how bout duce in last years champ game? pinning this on willie is a bit unfair. maddox has been paid to be the #2 qb and was given his opportunity today. he failed. he was the 1 who fumbled the snap and created a turnover not willie. remember jerome fumbling last year on 4th and 1? cowhers coaching decisions have no bearing on who drops a ball and who dont either. now is not the time to give up on what we have in place. i know cowher or the rest of the steelers organization arent gonna do that. if the patriots at 3-3 (who could very well be 1-5) still think they are #1 in sb contention, so should we. like we proved last year 12-4 isnt out of the question. 10-6 gets us into the playoffs. today we had jerome and we had duce and neither of them would have changed the outcome of the game. (unless they were playing qb-then we might have won)
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