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Default Another point about Ben....

Another point about Ben is this. Ben would have gotten himself out the sacks that Maddox took today. It was painful for me to watch Maddox go down like a sack of potatoes today. He is not athletic, period. Also, I've never seen a guy fumble a ball away and be so slow to react. He should have just pounced on the ball. Instead, he looked like a senior citizen picking up his morning newspaper from the driveway.

The only silver lining in today's game was the performance of Heath Miller. I've been waiting all year for the Steelers to fully incorporate him in their game plan. He is a weapon.

One other point, I would like to see the Steelers use more timed routes and be more effective in their QB progressions. Of course this goes hand in hand with better line play. They need to provide a little more time for the QBs, even Ben.
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