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Default Re: NFL Super Bowl Champion: Third Year Theory

Originally Posted by ncoolong View Post
Just because the Patriots have disproved this theory by being in Year 3 for the last six years doesn't mean you have to poke holes in everything. Or maybe it does...oh well.

The Bears are still going to fall off quite badly this season. When a team's shaky quarterback situation is bolstered by Brian Griese, you're going to have problems. I like the Vikings' chances this year (Jackson is better than people are assuming), and the Pack are a dangerous team when Brett has nothing better to do that throw for the end zone 65 times a game.

Which poses an interesting we feel the way Favre is going after Marino's record is something he is doing at the detriment of his team? He had something close to 40 more pass attempts than the second-highest total in the league last season. Granted, he didn't have the greatest running game behind him, but with Lynch in there, will it even matter?

My point is, it seems to me he's clearly gunning for the record, and putting his individual accomplishments behind the need of the team (you cannot win by doing nothing but throwing the ball. Manning had a great ground attack to go along with his passing last season). You aren't going to usher Lord Favre out of town, but perhaps they should have. People would have paid to watch Favre break the record in Jacksonville, and they could use him. They need their future QB getting snaps (other than his achilles, that is).

I don't like it.
I'll offer you the standard $5 bet, Neal - I can't resist when someone makes a prediction I disagree strongly with!

I'll take the Bears winning the NFCN - you can have the scatter gun Packers and the run stuffing Vikes (i'll even throw in the 'underrated' Lions)!

Personally, im not particularly assuming anything about Jackson other than he has started only 2 games as a pro - and that that fact makes him a shakier prospect than Grossman.

On the subject of Favre, I think the organisation is mainly to blame - the guy has got a fire burning to still play the game - its upto the management and/or the fans to take his career off life support.

It also seems that Green Bay don't feel that their QB of the future currently resides on their roster.
They've been great for a while now, three Super Bowls' worth of great. But only this season have the New England Patriots become The Show, the must-see team of stars, pretty boys and reformed bad boys. Suddenly, the Patriots are not simply great; they're compelling, fascinating, appearing to be almighty and a touch lawless.
The Patriots didn't bother with swagger to start this NFL season; they went straight to defiant. Either you're one of them or you're about to get crushed.
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