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Default Great News for our Turnover Woes

Pat kirwan talked about a study he just did where he looked at the bottom 4 teams in turnover differential dating back to 2003. (last year steelers were right above cleveland, detroit, and the raiders, who, not suprisingly, had the 3 worst records in the league).

100% of these teams did better the following year, and improved their turnover by an average margin of 20. speaking of the raiders specifically who was worst at -24, recent history says there is no reason they shoulnt expect to be at -4 next season. he says hes gonna get it up on but really wants to get it out to the 4 coaches to show to their team. in fact he said a current HC told him he reads kirwans articles to the team all the time.

i cant remember if we were 4th wost in t.o. margin or actuall turnovers, but its kinda moot anyways. the point is we will not be getting worse and can look at getting better by 20.
when we missed the playoffs because of 2-3 specific turnovers a difference of 20 will put us right back on track as one of the top teams in the nfl. if someone wants to bet you the steelers will get worse, the odds say to count that as money in the bank.
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