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For some reason while we were at Jacksonville's 26 yard line Cowher decided to run. Willie almost fumbled. Then Maddox fumbled the ball and instead of dropping on it tried to pick it up.

J.Scobee kicks 70 yards from JAX 30 to PIT 0. Q.Morgan pushed ob at JAX 26 for 74 yards (R.Mathis).
1-10-JAC26 (14:51) W.Parker left end to JAX 29 for -3 yards (A.Ayodele). FUMBLES (A.Ayodele), and recovers at JAX 29. W.Parker to JAX 29 for no gain (P.Spicer).
2-13-JAC29 (14:04) W.Parker right guard to JAX 27 for 2 yards (M.Stroud, D.Cooper).
3-11-PIT36 (13:37) T.Maddox FUMBLES (Aborted) at JAX 27, RECOVERED by JAX-R.Hayward at JAX 36. R.Hayward to JAX 36 for no gain (T.Maddox).
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