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Default Re: Last season of the Sopranos!

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
Having HBO On Demand, I was finally able to watch this episode and to say the least, I'm disappointed in the ending. I mean I've heard about it but you don't really catch the true disgust with it until you watch it.

First of all, what the heck was up with Meadow not being able to park her car. That was just flat out ridiculous, did Chase not have enough to build with that he had to have her park the car 5 different times (or whatever the total times)?

Second, having all those people walking in and focusing on whoooo, look at this guy or gal.

Finally, as previously stated, END THE DARN THING...bring conclusion to it. That ending was just as bad as the ending to The Matrix trilogy!!
With all due respect - I do not share your view on this.

If you watched the last episode only after hearing about the ending, the cuts between the diner entrance/Meadow/ and Tony at the table probably had a much different impact than watching it without knowing the ending.

Meadow having trouble parallel parking may have seemed like nonsense if you were watching the episode only after hearing about the ending, but it was a tension building device if you were watching around 9:55 pm EDT last Sunday night; I was wondering if Meadow was going to get popped or walk in on a scene of carnage.

Same thing with everyone walking into the diner - shortly before 10 p.m. last Sunday watching all those characters walking in (notably the guys in the USA cap and the Members Only jacket guy who goes into the men's room) was tense - watching it only after knowing how it ended obviously does not have the same effect.

As for "end it already," IMHO Chase ended it - he has Bobby say in the first episode of this season 2 months ago when Tony and he were on the lake talking about getting whacked that it probably just "goes black" and then that same scene was repeated when Tony is on the bed with his assault rifle as the next to last episode ended. I give Chase credit for assuming his audience pays attention and does not need every plot point underlined in crayon. This article indicates I am not alone on this.

Some people liked the ending and some did not - I can see why someone would not like it but it is not as if the opinion on this is uniformly trashing Chase.

In closing, anyone who can write lines like this deserves to be cut some slack:

Meadow: "The state can crush the individual."
Tony (incredulously): "New Jersey?"
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