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Default Re: Great News for our Turnover Woes

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Hey Tone,

It will be a very interesting article to read for sure.

I did realise he was referring to the bottom 4 teams of each year (which would typically be 4 different teams) but if this article was set-up an exercise in coaching id be very interested to hear why he thinks the improvement can't be maintained and the reasons some teams fluctuate wildly (San Diego) despite having a solid coaching staff.

If there were sound coaching techniques, and increased focus on turnover differential, I would ask why the coaching staff can't maintain a similar level of performance the next year.

Of course there are only so many turnovers out there and at the end of the day the balance over all 32 teams has to be +0.

I wonder if the same applies to the top 4 teams each year?

Do they experience a sudden drop off?

As San Diego featured in and around that top 4 mark for 2 out of the 4 years, maybe they do.
kirwan wasnt suggesting to take the stats to the coaches and have them break down what each team did to correct mistakes and have a turnover turnaround based on all the methods the bottom dwellers used since 03. he was merely suggesting a coach tell his team "we can get this turned around, we will get this turned around, and heres the proof. call it simple motivation, or dangling the carrot of success and achievement in front of the players noses.

i dont know, maybe you think thats to trivial for professionals but i guess its about as trivial as tom coughlin spending 5 minutes with tiki barber to teach him how to hold onto the ball using the "3 points of pressure" technique.

coaching is made up of both simple and complex aspects. marvin lewis could simply instill a professional attitude amongst his players, or simply not draft thugs.

as far as why a team may make a dramatic turnaround in turnover differential and then slip back again, i would think once a problem is diagnosed 1 year, more time is devoted to fixing that problem the next year. once the problem appears fixed, less attention and practice is paid to it, and the problem returns. this can be seen with the steelers actually spending more time on special teams under tomlin.
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