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Default Re: Last season of the Sopranos!

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
Having HBO On Demand, I was finally able to watch this episode and to say the least, I'm disappointed in the ending. I mean I've heard about it but you don't really catch the true disgust with it until you watch it.

First of all, what the heck was up with Meadow not being able to park her car. That was just flat out ridiculous, did Chase not have enough to build with that he had to have her park the car 5 different times (or whatever the total times)?

Second, having all those people walking in and focusing on whoooo, look at this guy or gal.

Finally, as previously stated, END THE DARN THING...bring conclusion to it. That ending was just as bad as the ending to The Matrix trilogy!!
Let me be blunt: David Chase is a jerkoff . And he decided to go to France to "avoid the frenzy" of the finale? Oh, please. Yeah, I heard all the "it's what made the Sopranos from those who picked it up in season five and I heard that it's the cinematic expression"

Lets all take a deep breath and start at the start. I own every season on DVD so I feel I'm at least entitled, almost vested, in opinion. The Sopranos was most likely the most brilliant tv production in history. What made seasons 1, 2 and 3 brilliant? It's edge, brilliant writing and acting. However, somewhere along the line, Chase's ego got out of hand. His ego sponged up the accolades, and, rightly so. However, it also got in the way of the writing...he started to spoon feed us things that were not consistent with the earlier episodes. And also made his characters seemingly act "out of character". Plus, his ego had the misfortune of thinking his own brilliance could make anything he wrote interesting. Sorry David but, I could care less if AJ was troubled with the world.

This is so akin of the Seinfeld thing. When "Seinfeld" decided to go out on top despite the many protests from fans, Jerry showed something similar to Chase. Jerry likened the audience to children, and that children need to have certain things taken away despite their wants. Blow me's just a tv show, shaddup and entertain me. Same deal with Chase.

The finale just sucked. As did plenty of the more recent episodes. Chase lost his original vision, which was a simple straight forward look into the eyes of mobsters. He became confused by complicating it, fueled by the glory he accepted. He tried to take something 100% perfect and make it perfecter (HA!) . The ending which sure, has plenty of fans, was a complete cop out. To let us try and decide what happened? Puh - leeeez, I don't watch good tv shows for interactive rapport. I watch good tv shows so I can be entertained, period. As the final episodes basically limped to the finish line, I was startled at my own apathy that was building over the final couple years. It's like he painted a mustache on the Mona Lisa then asked all of us if she actually grew it herself or was just painted on. Of course it was painted on, idiot. But a better question is why you painted it on in the first place.

3 thumbs down. Stlrtruck trust me..........YOUR ONE OF MANY....LOL.
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