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Default Re: Last season of the Sopranos!

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
The finale just sucked. As did plenty of the more recent episodes. Chase lost his original vision, which was a simple straight forward look into the eyes of mobsters. He became confused by complicating it, fueled by the glory he accepted. He tried to take something 100% perfect and make it perfecter (HA!) . The ending which sure, has plenty of fans, was a complete cop out. To let us try and decide what happened? Puh - leeeez, I don't watch good tv shows for interactive rapport. I watch good tv shows so I can be entertained, period. As the final episodes basically limped to the finish line, I was startled at my own apathy that was building over the final couple years. It's like he painted a mustache on the Mona Lisa then asked all of us if she actually grew it herself or was just painted on. Of course it was painted on, idiot. But a better question is why you painted it on in the first place.

3 thumbs down. Stlrtruck trust me..........YOUR ONE OF MANY....LOL.
I watched bits and pieces of it on Sunday but was unable to see the ending. Until watching it on HBO On Demand. I watched Soprano's from beginning to end. I mean my friend and I used to make sure we were home in time to watch it or that we recorded (way before I had a DVR) it.

Although I heard of the ending before seeing it, it doesn't mean that things were any less surprising (if you will). But to be that dramatic on so many different people in the last scene was just a flat out waste of time.

But I agree with you 83, entertain me - and Chase lost some of his crowd of the last 2 seasons and especially this season when he started showing things the regulars didn't want to see. But what does he care, HBO paid him, and he doesn't have to worry about it anymore!

However, I did see a site yesterday that offered a shirt that read, "Tony's dead - get over it!"

And with that - Here's to Chase and his ending

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