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Default Re: Steelers Starting OLine in 2007 (at least I hope)

Originally Posted by FourThreeMafia View Post
Left Tackle

Marvel Smith- Dominant run blocker. Vastly under rated at the second level. When healthy he simply beats up RDE's. Smith is slightly above average in pass protection. Smith is a 7 year NFL starter and 28 years old so he is just entering his prime, If Smith refines his technique in Pass Pro he could be 2007 Pro Bowler at LT. Smith is already top 5 run blocking Left tackle in the NFL.

Left Guard

Alan Faneca -Dominate run blocker. Great on the move in the run game. Team leader and the Grit of the Oline. Average at best in Pass Protection. I believe both Smith and Faneca will benefit from the end of Camp Grimm where the Oline seemed to sip lemonade and eat donuts. Attention to small details in pass protection and Faneca is the most dominant interior OLinemen in the NFL


Sean Mahan - Solid technician, but not real strong. He will struggle with Big NG's. Gets by with guts and a non stop motor. He will need help with interior Dlinemen. First time the Steelers will have to help a center with an interior player since 1962. Mahan is good in pass protection and has good feet. He is a bigger more mobile version of Chukky Okobi, who I expect (hope) to be cut.

Right Guard

Willie Colon - He is one of the best 5. He has the tools to be a mainstay at RG. Perfect size and nasty disposition. He showed he is a mauling player who wants to street fight every play. He may be one of my new favorite Steelers . He wants to go to war every play. He isn't the biggest guy...His lack of arm length wont be detrimental at RG.

Right Tackle

Max Starks - Big as a house, and about as mobile as one as well. When he is playing well...WOW!. He needs alot of work on technique...but he is a gem. He plays nasty. He caves the Dline like no other Steeler tackle...As good as Eric Williams in his prime. Starks controls what he can touch in pass pro. Needs balance work. Thats just about it. He needs to be like the Cobra..strike and recoil

Larry Zierlein will make a worlds of difference with this Oline.

To Russ Grimm fans: Steve Spurrier made one good move as an NFL coach...he fired Russ Grimm.
If you have to get rid of one starter from last year (other than Hartings of course) I would rather find a place for Simmons at Center or Guard and get rid of Starks...Colon did an admirable job of filling at at tackle last year. Starks doesnt know how to bend at the knees. He is consistantly being knocked back. Wilie average 4.6 yards on the left side of the ball last year...and 3.7 on the right. I think Simmons wins the right guard slot by default since it appears that Kemo has had some problems taking in line assignments..and is probably better playing in a phonebooth. Mahan is the most athletic of the trio of Mahan/Okobi/Philip..(plus they paid him alot of money to just sit on the bench)...By cutting Starks and Okobi, the Steelers save about 4 mil a year. I look for both...along with Deshea to get walking papers this year. (Maybe not Deshea..but MAN it felt good to type that!!!!)
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