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Default Defense played a great game against Jags

I was very impressed with what the defense did on Sunday. They made 2 goal line stands, and I lost count of how many crucial 3rd down stops they made.

To me, it's not about yards given up, or even points allowed, necessarily; the make of a great defense is the ability to step up in those absolute do or die moments and take over the game.

Casey Hampton was incredible the way he got off the ball almost all game

Porter stepped his play up this game and forced many of the Jags runs to the outside.

Polamalou just keeps getting better and is so much fun to watch.

The whole defense cranked it up when they really needed to.

I've been goin to the home games for 12 years now. My absolute favorite moments are when the crowd gets way up and gives all they got to support the defense. It is dishartening when the defense fails to make those stops even with the crowd so fired up, but it happens . . . . . but it DID NOT happen this Sunday. I was proud of them.

They shut down the Jags over and over. They did it on the Jags last drive in the 4th quarter, then had to do it again because of a bogus roughing the passer call, then Mcfadden intercepts to put it into overtime. Even after Maddox's sickening fumble in OT, the defense did it again. They pushed them back two plays in a row and forced the punt.

Sundays game was one I will always remember for that reason.

Here's to The Big Nasty D.

If our defense plays this well for the rest of the season, we're going to the Super Bowl, (unless Maddox has anything to do with it.)

Bring on the Division games chunk of the schedule and bring on Cincinnatti!!

Enjoy the day.
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