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Default Vets rooting for Faneca?

Florio posted this earlier today, kind of a no news thing, and beat to death here, but its a slow news day. Figured I'd put it up if no one saw it.


Though there are indications that new Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is in the process of winning over the team he inherited from Bill Cowher earlier this year, Tomlin still has a long way to go before he's viewed as being firmly in control.

Case in point -- we're hearing that most if not all of the Steelers veteran players believe that Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca is getting a raw deal in the pay department from the team.

Last month, Faneca spoke out regarding his dissatisfaction with a demeanor so emotional that team chairman Dan Rooney later expressed concern that Faneca might keel over. Faneca basically said that the team is lowballing him, and that he will leave the franchise after the 2007 season, when his current contract expires.

Not many of the blue-collar types in the Steel City shed tears for Faneca, since in comparison to the average men and women who are the backbone of this country (and the legs, feet, arms, and hands) Faneca's name might as well be "Bill Gates." Still, in the locker room, the guys who have put in their time with the team tend to agree that the franchise should do more for Faneca.

On one hand, it's understandable. The players who have been with the team for several years can see themselves in Faneca's shoes: a long track record of loyal service, a birth date putting them on the wrong side of 30, and one last realistic shot at a big contract before it's time to call it quits.

On the other hand, the players need to realize that there is a hard cap on the money that is available for their salaries, and that a seven-year, $49 million contract to Faneca would only mean less money for the rest of them.

Besides, should anyone be shocked by the fact that the Steelers won't break the bank for Faneca? They've never broken the bank for anyone. They never will. Part of being a true Steeler is being willing to take less money there than might be available elsewhere. It's one of the reasons that the franchise can accumulate so many above-average players; by not having a ton of cap space tied up in two or three superstars, there's more than enough money available to ensure that all of the starters would really be starters in other cities, and that the depth chart really does have depth.

The last paragraph kind of sums it up to me. I don't see anything changing for one guy.
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