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Default Re: Steelers Starting OLine in 2007 (at least I hope)

Originally Posted by FourThreeMafia View Post
Starks is not nearly as bad as people make him out to be. He plays next to who I think is one of the 5 worst starting guards in the NFL in Simmons. Plus, as I said, Grimm wasnt the great OLine coach alot made him out to be. He only taught the fundamentals and didnt really work with his younger players. Starks has the strength, size and mean streak to be a dominant tackle. He needs alot of work on his footwork, but that is something that can be fixed with the proper teaching, which obviously Grimm couldnt do. I think there is a better chance Starks will get extended before he gets cut. Not to say he will be resigned, but if he does hit free agency, he will command alot of money on the open market.

I am with you on Okobi all the way. He is making too much money for a slow, short limbed center that isnt that strong. He has good technique, but thats about the only positive thing I have to say about him. Hopefully, he is gone by Labor Day.

I like Kemo, and if he could only learn the blocking assignements, he might be a great player. Unfortunately, he hasnt made much progression in that aspect over the last 2 seasons, so I wouldnt be surprised if this is his last year in black and gold, or even if he is cut during preseason.

One guy to watch out for is rookie Cameron Stephenson. Solid athlete that does everything well. A good pick up for them late in the draft.

As far as DeShea, I see no way he gets cut. We have absolutely no real depth behind Ike and BMac, and while DeShea may have lost some steps, he is still the smartest CB we have. Id still rather turn to him than rely on Coke or Gay, who are nickle backs at best. The only way I could see us dumping DeShea is if the Steelers do something very uncharacteristic of them and take Paul Oliver in the supplemental draft. He would have went in the first round had he come out, but since he is academically inellgible, he cant play college ball. I would be willing to give up a 2008 2nd rounder to get him. He isnt a bad kid, he just isnt great in the classroom.
I would love for us to pull the trigger on Oliver!!! Good call there. Deshea has never been able to run with elite WR's (which is why Ike seemed to take on the studs) when we go against teams with two good recievers...his weaknesses become VERY obvious. I truly get tired of seeing him play follow-the-leader into the endzone, but yea...with our lack of depth, unfortunaltely we keep him.
Gotta disagree with you on Starks...I like him as a person and I like his attitude...but until he learns to quit bending at the waist...and get better at leverage he will never be the Right Tackle that we were hoping he would be. When I go back at look at past games I noticed that he gets alot of help from Kreider and from stunts/pulls that the left side of our line doesnt seem to need. To be honest I wouldnt mind seeing a Kemo/Colon right side...I think Kemo would be a better run blocker..and I think before too long Colon would be better at run and pass.
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