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Default Most parents don't use TV V-chip, survey finds

Most parents don't use TV V-chip, survey finds
But they are monitoring children's online activity

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
By Sally Kalson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Most parents still aren't using the V-chip filtering device in their TV sets to block objectionable programming, but the vast majority are monitoring what their children do online.

A national survey released this morning by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that only 16 percent of parents have ever used the V-chip. Some 82 percent had bought a new TV since the chip became required in January 2000, but 57 percent of them weren't even aware of the device.

Yet most parents are checking their offspring's Instant Messaging buddy lists (87 percent), reviewing their profiles on social networking sites (82 percent) and looking to see what Web sites they've visited (76 percent).

The survey -- available online -- also found that few parents of young children understand the TV ratings system. For example, only 11 percent know that "FV" means "fantasy violence," while 9 percent think it means "family viewing."
Monitoring what your child watches on TV is in important, but must of the problems today are with the internet. Parents have to worry about their kids meeting a stranger and getting kidnapped raped and murdered, etc.

Most kids(like me) should be able to tell what is appropriate for them to watch and what isn't. I feel that kids(starting at age 12 or 13) should be able to start figuring for ourselves what is/isn't appropriate to watch on TV.

Just my 2 cents on this one.

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