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Default Re: Ben fires off at Peterson

Yesterday's loss will hurt if the Steelers face a tie breaker for the wild card with the Jags, just as the Chargers' loss last week will hurt them in any wild card tiebreaker with the Steelers. I assume there will be no wild card from the AFC East.

The Jags have played the toughest part of their schedule and realistically will not be catching Indy, so a wild card is their likely option.

If the Steelers do not win the division, which is probable if they split with the Bengals (once again a scheduling issue as the Bengals benefit from a soft remaining out of division schedule other than Indy and maybe KC), assume the Steelers need 11 wins to get a wildcard. With 11 games to go, and assuming a split with the Benglas and Monday night loss to the Colts, that requires going 7-1 against the NFC North, Ravens twice and Browns twice. Certainly not impossible but little margin for error.

Bottom line is Steelers would be facing the same problem if they lost last Monday and won yesterday (which is what I assumed would happen), but after last Monday night's big win it is distressing Maddox kicked it away with the help of some coaching brain cramps by Cowher.

It is late enough in the season that Sunday's Benglas game is huge.
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