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Default Pirates spoof on Sopranos

i havent seen nothing this good from the Pirates since the last time i went to 3 rivers and saw the parrot do his little act.


true pirate fans will love this from the above link:
In case you were wondering, a Sopranos parody involving a the Pirate Parrot isn’t as random as you might think. For some time now, Pirates ownership’s response to sagging attendance hasn’t been to spend more money to improve a lackluster roster, but rather to spend more money on free knick knacks and gizmos giveaways, in-game contests and a **** ton of fireworks and laser shows to entice fans to a game. Among the more egregious and stomach churning examples of this is the “hot dog shoot.” In between innings, some community college drama major on summer vacation, dressed in full Pirates paraphernalia, uses a yellow whiffle ball bat to ram a hot dog down the shaft of an air gun, after which, the Pirate Parrot launches the dog into a section of the crowd. The people in the lucky section then maul each other for the right to catch the piece of dilapidated meat, with the winner invariably scarfing down his or her prize in the time it takes for the pitcher to finish his warm-up tosses. Yeah, it’s pretty much as gross as it sounds.
(i didnt know whether to put this in a pirates thread or sopranos thread. but really, it stands on its own).

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