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Default Re: God is punishing me.

Originally Posted by HeyNav View Post
I don't know but sounds good.

Like "It's easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than.....something, something, something.
Oh, thought that was "Sting" that said that. Anyway. I have always been a very "concrete operational" person...where is God & where is Jesus... I can't see them? I have had tremendous "cognitive dissonance" throughout my life as I went to church, learned theories & tried to believe what I could not actually see. As a very analytical person, I finally rationalized God through analyzing the evolution theory. I thoroughly thought this through & realized if we evolved from apes, what happened to everything in between? Why are apes & humans here, but everything in between is....gone? It is completely irrational if not impossible IMHO.

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