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Default offensive line woes and willie parker

i have read some about the steelers offensive line problems (starx and simmons particularly) yet most talking heads and analysts regard our line as the best in the nfl. they are healthy and sent 3 to the pro bowl last year. w. parker has been getting mixed signals. "slow down, wait for your blocks" and he is trying real hard to be an in between the tackles runner. he had some really good runs yesterday between the tackles. teams are gameplanning against him. and just like we were able to harness tomlinson, teams will stop parker if thats what they wish to do. thats where ben, ward, miller and our other wr's come into play. i believe if its not broke dont fix it. the steelers season to this point can be defined by 2 plays. both were unforced turn overs. el throwing the ball away against the pats and maddox putting the ball on the ground yesterday. im sure that is what cowher is preaching to the team. the wheels are not falling off. drastic changes are not needed. if every player focuses on the small things the steelers will be fine and are headed in the right direction------> detroit.
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