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Default Re: offensive line woes and willie parker

Yeah, you hear the 3 players went to the Pro Bowl last year line in the 1Q of every broadcast, but we are 1/3 of the way through this year and the O line is not performing at last year's level. Starks and Simmons are the obvious problems, but Hartings also seems to get called at least once a game for holding.

It is not 2003, but for better or worse this year's team gets away from the running game (e.g. - New England and yesterday's fiasco, which was capped off by Bettis not being in the game in OT) far earlier than was the case last year.

It may be a matter of the old cliche taking what the defense gives you, but last year's team took the run whether the defense wanted to give it to them or not. Contrast yesterday's 1Q failure to move the pile for Bettis on 3rd and 1 against last year's team blowing lines into the end zone from the 5 yard line. The Jags were horrible againt the run going into yesterday's game and blaming it all on an admittedly horrible Tommy Gun is not the complete story. My guess is a lot of teams watched films of the New England AFC championship game and have schemed accordingly.
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