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Default Re: offensive line woes and willie parker

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
I think Fast Willie is a little over-rated and he doesnt suit the between the tackles running style preferred by the Steelers - however once you are able to add a fully fit Duce Staley back into the mix you will notice a large upturn in Willie's output - he is talented for sure but still learning the game!
Sounds right to me. I totally agree on the Duce comment, but it's really getting frustrating with him always on the sidelines. I think even running Bettis a little more will help Parker. It seemed to work well in the SD game.

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
On the downside Cowher is one of the worst coaches I can think of at making calls on-the-fly - when things deviate from the game plan A he seems to come up short.
The Problem with Cowher, in my opinion, is more stubbornness than anything else...sometimes it's almost as if he doesn't see the deviation when it's happening! Like against JAX everyone knew that Tommy was having a rough day but Cowher let him stay in there to our demise. He's still a great coach though ... I just worry about the inflexibility thing now and then.
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