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Default Re: offensive line woes and willie parker

in all fairness to cowher defense is his specialty. and he has loose reigns on his o-coordinaters making the calls.

r. erhardt
c. gailey
r. sherman
m mularkey
k. gilbride
k i missing anyone?

not only does cowher develop alot of players who go on to lucrative contracts, but coaches too.
3 of the afformentionned have been head coaches (wisenhunt will be plucked soon- but he is going through a sophmore jinx just like ben-SARCASM) r. grimm is the one weve been lucky enough to keep

while were at it lets look at the defensive coaches under cowher who have moved on and became head coaches:

r. zook made it too in the college ranks but barely worth mention

i dont think cowher is one of the worst coaches at anything. (except coaching multiple teams)
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