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Cool Summer Plans!

This is the official thread where you can share your summer plans and trips with your fellow steeler loyalist. So since today is the official first day of summer I thought what would be better than sharing your summer plans with everybody.

So i guess i might as well go first

So basically i have been on summer vacation for 3 weeks so far. It has been great being home and it is a great change compared to my boarding school. This whole summer i have rehab therapy for my 2 dislocated shoulders to prepare for this upcoming football season. Which hopefully get my shoulders stronger and decreases the chance of having another dislocation.

So the first week my dad took me on his book tour for his recently released book Watch this listen up click here. It is a book on advertising and it is he first book he has ever wrote. So that was fun him making speeches and anserwing question about his book. It is a really interesting and i suggest to anyone who is interesting in adverting to check it out.

Next me and my family went to the south of france where my dad was the head judge of the Canes advertising festival. We got a really really nice house and all expenses paid. I can not say how nice the house was it was like the nices house i had ever seen. It has a home theater and an elevator and indoor pool. We also saw alot of celebrities in canes. I saw the playboy girls Kendra, Briggette and Holly plus Hugh. I even talked to Briggette i asked if i could have a picture but she said she was to busy because they were in the middle of filming the show Girls Next Door on E! SO hopefully i will be in the show. So my dad Did a good job as the judge and his company won a couple of Golden lions (the prize of the ceremony) for his work with addiads for the commercial BONDED BY BLOOD( it is some New Zealand thing dealing with soccer). The festival was really sweet and my dad was up and stage like handing out awards and stuff it was all just surreal for me. Here is an article on the canes advertising festival
I am sure if you search it on google you could find more information if you are interested.

So now i have a couple of days to chill at house before i go to Barcelona for a study program for a month. There i will be spending 4 weeks in a barcelona college studying archeticure and World Politics. It should be a great time and hopefully there will be some hot chickitas if you know what i mean. I have really no clue what to expect from barcelona except that i will be doing some hard work during the summer which i am not to happy about.

When i get back i think i will be going to some of steelers mini camp with my bro and dad and hopefully go to a AKON concert.

So that basically my summer plans. I will update my post if anything new happens and to fill you guys in on what going on.


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