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Default Re: offensive line woes and willie parker

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
I think Cowher's 'eye for talent' is unquestionable - you cant be as consistently competitive as the Steelers without having a talented team.

If the game was played on the chalk board I would back him to win most games - but im afraid when it comes to using a little improvisation - he is all at sea.

Solid game planning allied with a talented, well drilled team is going to get you regular season success more often than not - the problem is - when you get to the playoffs (esp. in the AFC) all the teams have this and you need a little something extra to make it to the big game - either that or get a transfer to the NFC!


cowhers lack of success in the sb is an undeniable fact. to call him the worst at anything is a bit extreme. i will always believe that marv levy was a great coach. same with cowher. i will always take a cowher coached team over a billick, holmgren, or shanahan coached team any day. i think gruden and vermiel and reid are better than the 3 i mentionned. (just to show i am not biased)
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