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Default Re: Bucs get blanked by a pitcher with a 10.97 ERA??

Originally Posted by verks36 View Post
Yes it is harsh but look at it this way.

The MLB is a league where big market team have huge advantages on small market teams. How can a team compete with another team that has over tens times there pay roll. The pirates arent going to spend much money so ya some times they will be embarrassed. The MLB salary cap is just plain out stupid and unfair. Just look at the bright side we the bucs sucks but we dont spend much money the orioles suck and they are a top 10 team salary.
Partly, I do look at it that way. As I've stated in the past, IMO our problem is a combination of horrible ownership, horrible management and a league which is a complete joke when it comes to a level playing field. When a team has two pitchers (Clemens/Mussina) who's payrolls combined equal out to more than your total payroll that tells me something is wrong with this league. It's no secret.

BUT, there is absolutely no excuse for this team to be this bad for this long. None at all.

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