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Default Re: attempted puppy murder (Warning: disturbing photo)

just an update that the dog is ok and has been adopted. today the 1st of the kids was sentenced. the 13 year old will spend 2 years in a juvenile facility.

heres the kicker. do you all remember the cody posey trial? he is the 14 yr old kid who killed his dad, step mom and step sister on news anchor sam donaldsons ranch and used a small tractor to dispose of their bodies in a huge pile of cow manure?

theryre basically doing the same amount of time in the same facility (even though cody posey was convicted of 2nd degree murder our local judge (you only have to have a high school diploma and get elected, to be a judge here) granted posey leniancy and he will be out ass soon as he is rehabbed.

the 13 yr old kid who stabbed the dog has to do his 2 years with no leniancy, not because of public outcry, but because of the "path he was headed down".

i think the point was already made in this thread how we have become immune to the loss of human life, yet are so shocked when a puppy is nearly slaughtered.
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