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Default Re: offensive line woes and willie parker

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
I didnt call him the worst - I said he was 'one of the worst' in the league - but even this may or may not be an exaggeration.

The thing is due to the fact that they are one of the more talented, well drilled teams in the league - the Steelers are playing alot of 'big games' both in the regular season and in the playoffs - this is when people scruitinise coaches and players with great intensity.

It may be fair to say that the Arizona Cardinals or the 49ers have staff that is worse at thinking on-the-fly - but its just thats its not highlighted as much due to their teams consistent lack of recent success - they dont get involved in many tight games that mean anything.


there you go again...splitting hairs for the sake of debate. let me rephrase my statement to patsfanology: calling cowher ONE OF THE WORST AT ANYTHING IS A BIT EXTREME. i never accused you of calling cowher the worst. it may be fair to say that 31 out of 32 coaches are the worst every year for not winning the superbowl but i wont go to that extreme cause i recognize the great jobs many people do all across the nfl. ultimately football is about entertainment and even though barry sanders never won a ring doesnt mean i cant appreciate all the great things he done and call him one of the best. (dont worry .... we all know kevin faulk was/is better)
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