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Default Re: Eldest do better on the IQ?

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post

Hey, LLT, where did you take an IQ test at? I never really have, but have been curious as to what I'd score. The only kind of comparative test I've ever really taken was the ACT and I scored a 31 (high five for scholarship money).
youve probably taken one and just not realized it. its usually standard testing to gradeschool kids, but it varies state to state. youre from kentucky... remember when they gave you that copper tubing, a washbasin and some mash in the 3rd grade to see what you could do with it?

lol just messin. but really i think they look at the kids who do exceptionally well in the standard yearly testing, and then select them for further testing to put them in advanced placement/gifted/mensa type classes. then again i was schooled on military bases, which i believe is more standardized than typical schools in the community. (they taught us to read in kindergarten with some wierd experimental version of the alphabet, that contained upside down letter e's, and hybrid letters of 2 "sounds"merged together."

what is strange is i think a standard iq test is pretty much the same whether you are giving it to a 3rd grader or a 14 year old.
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