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Default Re: steelers draft

The only thing I don't like about the Timmons pick, is that he isn't Patrick Willis. After the 49ers grabbed Willis (which I thought they would), I thought we'd get Timmons, and was content with it.

When the second pick rolled around, I wasn't too thrilled with Woodley, especially with Dwayne Jarrett slipping away from us by just one pick. Maybe we woulda picked Woodley anyways. But he's been a nice surprise so far, and we could certainly use it, so there we have it.

Spaeth, probably the most controversial pick. The value here was alright and if they're serious about using the TEs and spread formations, then yes, the depth after Miller was so bad, that grabbing a washed up FA or an UDFA, was not going to cut it. Still hard to swallow because of the good OL's and Michael Bush still on the board, but I got over it quick, he's a Steeler now, and he does infact improve the team.

To me. . Day one was. . . acceptable. Day two. . we absolutely struck gold.

Sepulveda is what the Steelers have been needing since. . . since I can remember. He will impact our field position game, and probably bail us out once or twice a season.

McBean is very intriguing, could've gone as high as the second round if a team fell in love, so nice value -- maybe a one trick pony, but one with a heap of potential.

William Gay looks like the next Willie Williams type. . if he works out, he can be a reliable backup for a good while. Never will be a starter but has potential to be the kind of depth that you want to have. If he doesn't work out, well, darn.

Cam Stephenson. . the pick was a yawner. A position I'd have liked to seen addressed earlier, maybe in the third round, with someone like TE Clark Harris being picked here instead. . but oh well. . Nothing intriguing, but nothing to hate either. A developmental guy who may or may not turn into a decent backup.

Dallas Baker. . . I'm excited. His set of skills, measurables, and stats, from any program other than Florida, and he's probably a second or third rounder. Sure, Florida WRs tend to be NFL flops. But no doubt this is an exciting kid who could've gone a lot sooner, and I like his potential. Hopefully he can develop into a decent possession guy, who can occasionally do something dangerous downfield.

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