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Default Re: Eldest do better on the IQ?

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post

I took around 6 AP classes in high school and they are the biggest rip-off ever. They're college-level courses, but if you pass them you don't automatically get college credit. You get to take the equivalent of a college final exam (probably harder) and have to basically ace it in order for your college to even consider the credit. The only advantage of them is you get a higher weighted GPA but no colleges look at weighted GPA, they only look at your unweighted GPA (which an AP class could potentially bring down even while increasing your weighted GPA). If I had to do it all over again, I would've enrolled in more actual college courses so I could receive credit based on the actual class and not just one test.

Anyway, now that I'm done with that rant...early in my middle school career, they put me in honors or advanced courses because of high grades in previous courses. In high school, however, honors and AP classes could be taken by anyone, assuming they had the necessary requisites. The only thing I ever got from scoring highly on standardized tests was membership in the Duke University Talent Identification Program, which made me take the ACT in 7th grade (which was a blast ).
wow, major flashback. i had the exact same experience with all the AP courses. and like you said, its pretty much a rip off that i gained nothing from. i took 4 ap classes my senior year alone including chemistry and all it did was make my final year a bitch having to study all the time. my biggest regret is not taking classes such as biology, english, anatomy at the college and get high school credit for them. it coulda been the difference of getting a full paid scholorship over just tuition.
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