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Default Re: Goodbye Tony the Tiger?

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
When I was a kid I ate frosted flakes regularly and never got fat because I spent most of my time playing outside or at some kind of sports pracrice or game.

I had no computer,no video games,and no cable TV and there was no way in hell I was watching soaps with my mom!

And when I went to my Grandparents on the weekend,they had cable TV.I would watch cartoons on Saturday morning,play outside for the day,and watch SNICK (block of programming on Nickoledeon) on Saturday night.Sunday mornings was wake up,eat breakfast,go to church,come home eat dinner and watch football.Before football,and after,I would be outside playing.
Thanks for the recap...

Mad props to Steel-Bryan for the Bucco sig.
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