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Default Re: Say it ain't so, Bill ... How dare Cowher talk to Cleveland

I would be soooo pissed if Cowher coached the Clowns more because I live here and would have to hear about it from all these idiots.

But if Romeo's season starts out bad,I definatly seeing the fat turd getting the boot.However,I don't see Cowher getting complete control because Savage just had one helluva draft and you don't fire your GM because you want a certain coach.Maybe Cowher will get more input that RC did,but I don't see Randy Lerner letting the one guy,especially the head coach,having complete control after what happened with Butch Davis (I hate that son of a bitch,and I ain't even a Browns fan!).

I don't see Cowher going to the Redskins.He'd be driven nuts by Danny Boy wanting every single free agent on the market,and making stupid trades like Portis-for-Bailey.Also,Cowher prefers the 3-4 defensive scheme and the 'Skins use the 4-3...Cowher would have to transition that defense and I don't think he'd be to thrilled about that.

Dallas is a good fit.Jones won't relinquish his strangle-hold on the football desicions but I think he'd really listen to Cowher.Plus he has the cash to get Cowher the players he wants/needs.They run the 3-4 and already have good players in place to be a dominant defense in the NFC.

I don't see the Panthers needing a head coach.The Panthers will either be in the NFC Championship Game or the Super Bowl this unless there is a big problem like what happened with Marty in San Diego,John Fox won't be fired.

One team that nobody has mentioned is the San Diego Chargers.Norv Turner is thier head coach after the badly-timed firing of Marty Schottenheimer.Turner has been a disaster as a head coach,and if somehow he takes this monster of a team from the best record in the NFL to a wild card spot (combined with a one-and-done playoff appearance) or somehow this team fails to make the playoffs...Turner is toast.

The Chargers already use the 3-4 defense which is what Cowher prefers.Not only do they use it,they are the best at it (IMHO).They have the best RB in football with LT.They have one of the better offensive lines in the NFL.They have a young QB in Phillip Rivers who gives Cowher a young and taleted QB.

If Cowher really wants more Super Bowl rings,and is offered the Chargers job after this season,he will take it.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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